At Starfish Events, we offer a full-service personalized experience, overseeing all aspects of your wedding from the creative process to execution. Our services include event design, logistical planning, production and management –all in-house.

Executing the perfect wedding is all in the details and logistics. But, a top event planner can take on the styling and design of all of your event’s elements —from lush tablescapes to a perfectly designed stationery suite to memorable welcome bags and expertly crafted favors. Starfish Events can take on the most creative of challenges and elevate any expectation into one-of-a-kind experiences. We specialize in creating the most artful and customized experiences reflective of who you are as a couple, as well as solid logistical planning.

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Sangeet or Indian Wedding songs are celebrative expressions. Joyous emotions, literally translated into a soul stirring symphony of beautiful lyrics and melodious Indian music. Sangeet Nights mainly associated with Indian Weddings, are organized a day before the actual wedding and sometimes Sangeet Nights and Mehndi Nights are organized together. Sangeet Nights usually organized in the bride’s as well groom’s home are attended by family, friends and relatives.

With changing times Sangeet Nights are no longer restricted to ladies alone. Everyone joins in and it is a time for merriment, joy and good wishes to usher in the new life the young couple are about to embark upon.

With the latest trends of Sangeet Nights incorporating Dhols and DJ music, inviting celebrities and professional dancers we at go out of our way to make this night a grand success especially if you want to hold the event in Goa. We take care of every aspect of this joyous occasion and theme it based on your culture, customs and traditions making sure that the celebration is an unique experience for your guests.


Indian weddings, sacred and sanctified as they are traditionally elaborate affairs with plenty of pre and post wedding rituals. Mehndi one of the most important pre-wedding rituals is a fun filled event, celebrated mainly by family, close friends and relatives to bless and jovially tease the young blushing bride to be as she ventures into her new life.

The Mehendi function, usually organized with the Sangeet function has a festive feel to it with the women folk dancing and singing traditional songs, the bride dressed in light colored clothes with light jewelry. As per custom the bride must not step out of the house after the Mehndi ritual until the wedding day. It is also believed that the darker and deeper the

Henna stains the more the husband and the in-laws will love her bride. It signifies the strength and power of love in a marriage and it is also said that the longer the bride retains the Mehndi, the more auspicious her future will be. We understand the importance of this auspicious day to the young bride to be and her family. Providing all services customized to your tastes and budget. We do the hard work to ensure you are free to participate in the celebrations along with your loved ones.

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event planner goa


Sāt phéré, Mangal Fera or plain Pheras is the beautiful Indian Wedding tradition wherein the couple join hands and walk around sacred Agni (fire). Each time they encircle the fire, they offer grains to the Agni, representing their sacrifice of material possessions for God’s blessings.
Each loop around the fire symbolizes a vow or a prayer that the couple take/make and could be summarized as:
  • Loyalty
  • Trust and Love
  • Share the joys and pains of life & and protect our childre
  • To be united and never alon
  • To consider each other a friend rather than simply a spous
  • To love and support each others families
  • Our love will transcend time and space

We truly understand the true meaning and sacredness of this momentous event. We willguide and help you organize the entire celebration.We promise a lot and give even more.

Grand Reception

One thing common with all weddings is the grand reception, whatever be the traditions, the customs, the culture. A way of thanking your guests, friends and family. Embark on a captivating journey where your dreams are transformed into a night of entertainment with Galaxy Weddings. Let us mesmerize and enchant your guests with outstanding wine, food & music.

Providing flexible pricing packages to suit your needs is only one of the ways we will impress you. We wants to make your Grand Reception – a reality! Now is the ideal time to speak with our representative about planning your special celebration. Please contact us to discuss whatever custom needs you may have. It would be our pleasure to meet with you personally to discuss your upcoming affair or if you wish please contact us by phone at: +91 9158210732

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